One Stop Shop

In a survey conducted by our company 2016-2017 across the globe, it was found that 90% of the companies (ranging from Startups to Fortune 500) interviewed were eager to integrate Big Data Analytics Solutions into their day-to-day operations. However, nearly 80% of them does not have appropriate tools to collect data that should be ready for analysis. Meaning that without convenient data collection tools, there is no data to analyze. Hence, without data, there is no Big Data Analytics. These are serious challenges and burdens that hamper these companies’ operations. Having learned from our own survey data, we thoroughly studied the challenges these companies are facing and decided to design a cloud-based application that would fit to their business needs and exceed their expectations. Our platform was then shaped out by taking into consideration what these companies were facing.

Hence, Big Data SmartSurveyApp has integrated in itself both solutions that are crucial to companies in today’s data-driven economy: Data collection and Big Data Analytics tools, making it a One-Stop Shop.

SmartSurveyApp is a real one-stop shop where our clients have a 100% control over their market research, marketing campaigns, evaluation process, data collection and reporting. This means, they do no longer need third parties to collect data nor analyze it on their behalves. Henceforth, they can:

• Design their own surveys and/or any data-related projects to start collecting in no time unlimited volume of data,

• Run their own fully customizable reporting/analysis in real-time,

• Run Big Data Classification and predictive modeling and

• Sustain better data-driven decisions with no technological infrastructure, no code to write and no technical background. All in one place.

Those days where they would invest tons of money recruiting third parties to run surveys and reporting on their behalves are behind them.

With our platform, our clients’ main focus is to get meaningful insights/patterns as quick as possible to make better data-driven business decisions rather than managing third parties desiderata that usually lead to frustrations, delays in decision-making process and/or losses.